[En-Nut-Announce] Nut/OS 2.6.0 available

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Tue Jan 14 20:12:58 CET 2003

Note: IDE, Compact Flash and PPP are still experimental code.

     * Changed: Moved to AVRGCC 3.3 and ICCAVR 2.26c.
     * Changed: Default windows installation directory is now c:/ethernut/nut.
     * Added: Cool IDE diskdrive and Compact Flash interface done by 
Michael Fischer. Supports FAT32 with long filenames. Be aware, that this is 
not stable.
     * Added: Multimaster TWI interface (aka I2C). No sample available yet.
     * Added: Enhanced UART interface for ATmega128.
     * Added: Special directory for OS modifications allows changing Nut/OS 
parts for specific application needs without touching the original code.
     * Added: Tick counter for number of ticks since system started. By 
Michael Fischer.
     * Added: Enhanced HTTP request handler by Michael Fischer.
     * Changed: Event routines return the number of threads woken up. This 
may improve your application code a lot.
     * Changed: The for-statements in the Makefiles had been replaced. Now 
sh.exe isn't required anymore and make all should work fine on Windows XP.
     * Changed: UART specific definitions were moved from device.h to 
uart.h. This may break your existing applications.
     * Fixed: More reliable MP3 driver for VS1001k.
     * Fixed: Handle possible deadlock in the TCP state machine in low 
memory situations.
     * Fixed: TCP might fail to process incoming packets on slow 
connections. Was it Mike Cornelius, who detected this?
     * Fixed: Racing conditions on signaled events. Thanks to Michael Fischer.
     * Changed: Some RAM saved by moving HTTP de-/encoder table to ROM.

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