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Alastair Jeremy ajeremy at dotaussie.com.au
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Further to my last question, it has been suggested in the past on this list
by Louis (
http://www.egnite.de/pipermail/en-nut-discussion/2002-October/000190.html )
to use a Bothhand adapter such as this one:

The major difference I see between this one and the Pulse one is the 75 ohm
resistors and 1000pF to the shield. Are these needed? They seem to go back
out the RJ45 connector... to where?



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Hi Harald,

And another question... I am aware that there are some electrical isolation
standards for Ethernet connectors (a few kV between the lines, and maybe
between there & GND as well, I am not 100% sure). Does the current Ethernut
meet these standards?

And second, would it be possible to use something like this J0006D21B from
Pulse http://www.pulseeng.com/pdf/J403.pdf with the current Realtek? (or
maybe with the up-and-coming 10/100 Ethernut?) You then have integrated
lights, so that the LED's don't need to be re-mounted out the back of a box.



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