[En-Nut-Discussion] How to get client's IP address in http server application?

Norio Onda n.onda at kansai-center.ac.jp
Tue Nov 26 11:54:01 CET 2002

I have some questions.

I want to get a client's "IP address" in http server application.

I think that "Socket list" in "httpd sample program" probably becomes a hint.
But, the movement of the program is different from the movement which I expect.

Why can't I get client's "IP address" with "ts->so_remote_addr" in the program? 
(I could get Nut/OS "IP address".)
I want to do a thing like getpeername() personal computer's function.

Sincerely Yours

Norio Onda
n.onda at kansai-center.ac.jp

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