[En-Nut-Discussion] Nut/OS 3.2

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Tue Apr 22 12:25:40 CEST 2003

In order to reduce further delays, we will release Version 3.2 within
the next days, although there are still open issues.

Here's the list of modifications:

  * - Changed: PPP has been redesigned. It is now using a more complete
  *            state machine and has been split into a network and a
  *            driver part. Ethernet-only application will not link in
  *            PPP code anymore.
  * - Added: Chat script interpreter for enhanced modem handling.
  * - Added: LCD driver with VT52 terminal emulation device.
  * - Fixed: Allocating and releasing of NETBUF structures has been
  *          inconsistent in case of communication errors and low
  *          memory situations. Generally, all transmit routines will
  *          now release its NETBUF in case of failures.
  * - Fixed: Undefined signal handler variables with registered timer
  *          interrupts. Thanks to Tom Nystrom.
  * - Fixed: Network masks with all bits set had been refused.
  * - Fixed: GCC sets the stack on main entry. As a temporary fix
  *          we redefine main during preprocessing.
  * - Changed: Broadcasting to a queue will clear it, even if it had
  *            been in signaled state.
  * - Changed: For applications, make install will additionally build a
  *            binary and copy it to the bin directory. This is most
  *            useful when working with eboot and tftp.
  * - Fixed: When compiling with GCC and different optimizations, NutInit
  *          may have failed. Thanks to Ralph Mason.
  * - Fixed: Andre Albsmeier found and fixed a problem with ISC-DHCP V3,
  *          which also occured with the DHCP server of some routers.
  * - Fixed: NutUdpReceiveFrom returned the port number in network byte
  *          order, which doesn't fit with the documentation and other
  *          functions. It will be now returned in host byte order.
  *          Thanks to Pavel Chromy.
  * - Added: Two additional devices for debugging output, which can be
  *          even used while running in interrupt context.
  * - Changed: NutNetAutoConfig() has been moved to pro/dhcpc and is now
  *            deprecated for new applications. A new function named
  *            NutDhcpIfConfig() allows for specifying a timeout. Thanks
  *            to Pavel Chromy.
  * - Changed: In previous releases network devices had been initialized
  *            during interface configuration, while all other devices
  *            had been initialized when opening that device. Now all
  *            devices are initialized during registration. This will
  *            probably break your existing device drivers.
  * - Fixed: Packet overflows in the Realtek network driver caused high
  *          interrupt latency times for other interrupt driven devices.
  * - Changed: Complete redesign of VS1001K driver by Pavel Chromy. Great.
  * - Fixed: Memory leak in NutUdpDestroySocket(). Thanks to Ralph Mason.
  * - Fixed: When reading 255, fgetc() returned EOF. Thanks to Ralph Mason.

Before final release, I'd like to send a 3.1.9 preview to people, who are
interested in testing it and will have the time to report any results ASAP.
Both, Linux and Windows users are welcome. In the past, this didn't work in
most cases. I sent out prereleases, wait for a response and nothing happened.
I packed it for a final release and many bug reports came in. :-( So, please
make sure that you are able and willing to spend some time. In the future
I will release a special developer version in parallel to the final release.
But this will take additional time to prepare.

Thanks again to all contributors,


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