[En-Nut-Discussion] interesting response with NutPrintFormat() ???

JasonG jas_g at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 9 11:27:38 CET 2003

I'm using avr-gcc / Ethernut 259.1, and building off of the httpd app. 
I've added several more threads to watch uart communications, external
interrupts, etc.  I'm downloading code to the device with AVRStudio
4.05 through the AVR ICE (mega128).

I have had situations where, if I comment out a NutPrintFormat()
statement (that has embedded formatting characters), everything works
fine.  But if I try to download code to the board with NutPrintFormat()
in use in certain places, then the code simply will not run properly. 
Strange error prone sockets come through, etc.  

If I change these NutPrintFormat() to an equivalent NutPrintString_P,
there is no problem.  Which made me think that it was a stack size
issue for the threads, but almost doubling that didn't fix anything.  I
am having no problems using NutPrintFormat() in several places in this
application, it's just that some specific ones cannot be used.  So it's
being linked in properly, ...??  Similar problem with NutPrintInteger,
but that's probably related since perhaps the NutPrintFormat is relying
on it when it encounters a formatting code.

Have you guys run into something similar?  Or could offer some advice
for what I seem to be missing here?


jas_g at yahoo.com

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