[En-Nut-Discussion] PPP-Stack with T-D1

Mike Cornelius mikec at calldirect.com.au
Tue Jan 14 00:11:14 CET 2003

Hi Achim,

The networks over here all use PAP so i've had no need to implement CHAP
yet, but it does sound like you're on the right track.



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Hallo Mike,

I'm using a GPRS-Connection.
Last weekend I read the RFC's for PPP, LCP, PAP, CHAP. The first problem was
the ACCM-Option, it must set to 000A0000.
After changing this, my options are be accepted from network.

The next problem is maybe CHAP, cause I'm receiving now a CHAP-Challenge
I will activate a PPP-Sniffer to see how a PC makes the auth.
If only CHAP is accepted by network, I will write the needed functions, it
should not be very difficult, there is some source in the RFC's.

Best regards


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