[En-Nut-Discussion] Full Duplex on RTL8019AS?

Stephen Noftall stephenn at lcsaudio.com
Sun Jun 8 19:48:40 CEST 2003

Thanks Harald!

I did some more research last night, and that is what I found as well.

It is strange though, as the switch always wants to fall back to
half-duplex, and it does seem to work.

We hooked it up directly to a PC, and it went to half-duplex as well. Then
switched the PC to use Full-Duplex, and it seemed to work fine as well.

When it is hooked to the switch, it will occasionally get collisions.

We are trying to improve the latency of our system, so was trying to figure
out if going full duplex would help a little.


Stephen Noftall

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> Stephen,
> As far as I remember, FUDUP can't be set by software but needs
> to be configured in the configuration EEPROM. Ethernut got a
> pull-up at EEDO, thus all EEPROM bits are set to 1.
> Harald
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