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Hi Thorsten;

This the exact same situation I ran into, although I stuck with C.

First I setup the timer:

 // set timer 2 to CTC mode, clock / 256 = 16uS
 TCCR2 = BV(WGM21) | BV(CS22);
 // Set output compare register to 30 = 480uS for now
 OCR2 = 30;
 // enable the output compare match interrupt

Then using AVR GCC, I setup the interrupt routine as :

 // code here

As for then calling the assembly routine, I think a function call in the
SIGNAL routine will work, although it has the extra indirection in there.


Stephen Noftall

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> Hi,
> for multiplexing a big LED panel I need a fast timer ISR that does that
> task. I have written one in assembler but don't know how to hook it into
> main C program. Maybe someone has an example how to insert assembler code
> into C and how to hook it to the timer IRQ. There should be a possibility
> use a 4kB array of characters defined in the C program with that assembler
> code or vice versa.
> Thank you
> Thorsten
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