[En-Nut-Discussion] PPP IPCP problem

Tarmo Fimberg tarmo at kaugotsing.ee
Wed Mar 12 10:00:28 CET 2003

Hi Mike!

Isn't it in contradiction with Ethernut API:
"int NutRegisterDevice 
( NUTDEVICE * dev, u_short  base, u_char   irq) 
Register a device. 
Initializes the device and adds it to the system device list. Applications 
should call this function during initialization for each device they intend 
to use. Once registered, stream devices must be accessed by calling 
NutDeviceOpen() first. However, network devices should not be opened but 
configured by calling NutNetIfConfig() or NutNetAutoConfig()."

> 	if((dev = NutDeviceOpen("PPP0")) != 0)
> 	{
> 		//Setup DNS
> 		ifn = dev->dev_icb;
> 		NutDnsConfig(0, 0, ifn->if_pdns);
> 	}

Best regards,
Tarmo Fimberg

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