[En-Nut-Discussion] PPP 0d-->0a

Tarmo Fimberg tarmo at kaugotsing.ee
Wed Mar 19 08:25:51 CET 2003

Hi Harald!

Oh, stupid I, of course I had forgotten the binary flag!
What a shame!
This happened because I was converted from Nut/OS 2.6.0 
 NutDeviceOpen(), where there was no such a flag...

Now everithing is OK and I can focuse on some real application with PPP and 
Thanks for the poiner!

uart1 = fopen("uart1", "r+b");

>Harald Kipp:
> Tarmo,
> Did you open the UART in binary mode?
>    handle = _open(PPPCOM, _O_RDWR | _O_BINARY);
> Anyway, I got bad checksums once, but can't remember its
> cause right now.


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