[En-Nut-Discussion] Problem with NutTcpReceive

piow at box43.pl piow at box43.pl
Wed Mar 19 20:35:12 CET 2003


The problem is:

I have got a function with instruction like this:

if (connected == 1)
  rlen = NutTcpReceive(sock3, txbuff, sizeof(txbuff));

The function is waiting for the incoming character. 

In another thread I have to close that socket (sock3) after receiving "+++" (disconecting like modem)
And my question is:
Is there any way to terminate waiting on that instruction (NutTcpReceive) in my function? I have tried closing the socket, destroying it, seting the receiving timeouts with no luck. The program goes futher if and only if I send something to that socket (the next iterration is with connected==0 so there is no call to NutTcpReceive).

Piow piow at box43.pl
Lukit lukit at box43.pl

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