[En-Nut-Discussion] Changing password for "cgi-bin" catalog in httpd example

Damian Slee damian at commtech.com.au
Fri Sep 19 05:40:02 CEST 2003

I'm getting same problem here.  I've debugged it a bit further tho.  Works ok for root:root.  But if I change string lengths it doesn't work, works for some...

NutRegisterAuth("cgi-bin", "root:public");

then dumping the strings out the serial port...
- root:public entered into browser

NutHttpAuthValidate() - pre, post base64 decode
Notice the crap character at the end after the decode.

NutHttpAuthLookup() - login, auth in memory
root:publicÿ, root:public

I just tried copying the NutDecodeBase64 into a Win32 console app with same base64 string "cm9vdDpwdWJsaWM=" and am getting no problem under VC.

I'll trace the output of the two, and find out where it differs.

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>This is what I changed it to:
>NutRegisterAuth("cgi-bin", "boot:boot");

Works fine here. May be a problem with your browser?


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