[En-Nut-Discussion] http server problems

Michel v.d. Net M.v.d.Net at KROHNE-Altometer.nl
Tue Jan 6 16:24:32 CET 2004

Hello Herald,

It looks like the libs are not updated properly,
when i start make clean and make install I seem to get
a lot of errors.

Can i update the libs manualy or do you no another way?

I receive the following results from make install:

C:\ethernut2\nut>make install
C:/ETHERN~1/NUT/MAKE.EXE -C os install
MAKE.EXE[1]: Entering directory `C:/ethernut2/n
iccavr -c -I../include -Ic:\iccavr/include -e -
T2 -l -Mavr_enhanced -I../mod/include -I../incl
process_begin: CreateProcess((null), iccavr -c
-e -DATMEGA -D_MCU_enhanced -DETHERNUT2 -l -Mav
include init.c, ...) failed.
make (e=2): Het systeem kan het opgegeven besta
MAKE.EXE[1]: *** [init.o] Error 2
MAKE.EXE[1]: Leaving directory `C:/ethernut2/nu
C:\ETHERN~1\NUT\MAKE.EXE: *** [install] Error 2

When i load the httpserv.hex from C:\ethernut2\nut\bin\atmega128\ 
into my ethernut 2 board, it runs properly.

When i build / rebuild my project in icc, i receive one thing that looks like a error to:

robi C:\ethernut2\nut\appicc\httpd\httpd.hex ..\..\bin\atmega128\httpserv.bin 
command or filename wrong.

Thanks again,
:-) Michel 

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> Van:	Harald Kipp [SMTP:harald.kipp at egnite.de]
> Verzonden:	dinsdag 6 januari 2004 16:38
> Aan:	Ethernut User Chat (English)
> Onderwerp:	RE: [En-Nut-Discussion] http server problems
> At 10:43 06.01.2004 +0100, you wrote:
> >Hello Herald,
> >
> >I started nutconf and my UserConf.mk looks like this:
> >
> >MCU=enhanced
> >BURN=$(top_srcdir)\tools\win32\uisp
> >BURNFLAGS=-dprog=stk500 -dserial=/dev/ttyS0 -dspeed=115200 
> >-dpart=atmega128 --erase --upload if=$(TARG)
> >CRUROM=$(top_srcdir)\tools\win32\crurom
> >AVR=c:\iccavr
> >
> >I still have the same problems, any other ideas.
> Michel,
> UserConf.mk looks good. Sometimes the libs were not
> rebuild properly. Make sure, that
> ... rebuilding works without problem. If in doubt, use
> the command line. Type 'make clean' and 'make install'
> in the installation directory.
> ... copying from nut\lib\enhanced to c:\iccavr\lib was
> done. Otherwise do it manually.
> Did you rebuild your project?
> Harald
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