[En-Nut-Discussion] Problem with PPP and NutTCPConnect

Alex Joni juve at dsplabs.cs.utt.ro
Sat Jan 24 14:57:57 CET 2004

First of all we would like to send our thanks for this great project. Many
thanks to all the contributors.

1. We tried out the PPP implementation over a GPRS link, and found a few
minor problems.
With a local provider (Orange-Romania) we found that the magic number option
request is rejected, but the current implementation of PPP (we used NutOs
version from CVS) doesn't recognize the reject properly. (that
means that the PPP implementation recognizes the reject, but it doesn't send
out a new request without magic number). We commented out the magic number
option from the sources (in void LcpTxConfReq(NUTDEVICE *dev, u_char id) )
and it connected successfully to the network.

2. When using NutTCPConnect over PPP over GPRS we found there are two
problems. In case the remote host is not available, it seems that the
NutTCPConnect just sends SYN requests without stopping ever. (we left it
sending for about 50 seconds). It should use some kind of timeout mechanism.
We didn't find any solutions for this problem.

3. The second problem when the remote host is available, but there is no
service listening on the port we try to connect to. In this case a CLOSEWAIT
package arrives, but NutTCPConnect doesn't return with error code (it just
simply hangs 4ever). We were able to solve this problem in the following
way: in int NutTcpStateActiveOpenEvent(TCPSOCKET * sock) we replaced

NutEventWait(&sock->so_ac_tq, 0);
NutEventWait(&sock->so_ac_tq, 10000); //hang for 10 seconds and give up

We hope that somebody can help us overcome this problem (or maybe point out
if we do something wrong). If it is necessary, we can post parts or the
complete source code and some logs from NutPPPTrace and NutTCPTrace.

Alex Joni, Dan Chiciudean

from the DSPLabs (http://dsplabs.utt.ro)

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