AW: [En-Nut-Discussion] Again Semaphore implementation

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at
Thu Jun 3 10:40:15 CEST 2004

Hi Oliver,

> sorry to say that, but you didn't found the real bug. By enhancing the
> of SEM.value to negative numbers and decrementing the value now in the
> line of NutSemWait, you made a kind of workaround.

I see... My implementation I took from my Operating Systems course at
University. But it's not necessarily better.

> So I would have simply suggested to change in NutSemWait the call to
> NutEventWait to NutEventWaitNext. This function ignores the signalled
> of the event queue.

I'll try to change this tooo... To be on the secure side.

> Just one thing: Can you please also adjust the comparison in
> so it can work appropriatly?

Sorry, I missed that. I've just changed this point too...

> PS: Don't forget to change the Changelog.

Just have done so.


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