[En-Nut-Discussion] Problems with uart

Hugo Simon hugo.simon at gmx.de
Sun Jun 13 13:34:34 CEST 2004


since I upgraded to the actual Nut/OS I have problems with the uart. It
sends out garbage or nothing. Looks a bit like the baudrate is wrong. But
the supplied applications like uart.c work fine. I don't see what I am doing
wrong. Please look at my code snipped below. Maybe you see whats wrong. I am
now using an Ethernut 1.3 on my old Ethernut 1.0 the code works fine.
Do I have anything to do in the makefile or so, so that Nut/OS knows the new
clock frequency? But the general makefiles seem to be allright because only
my application dont work, all the samples work fine.

Hope you can help.


Code snippet:

int main(void)
 char i;
 char line[200];
  u_long baud = 115200;

   * Register the UART device, open it, assign stdout to it and set
   * the baudrate.
  NutRegisterDevice(&devUart0, 0, 0);

  freopen("uart0", "w", stdout);
  freopen("uart0", "r", stdin);
  _ioctl(_fileno(stdout), UART_SETSPEED, &baud);
  printf_P(vbanner_P, Version, NutVersionString());

  puts("Initialize LED Panel...");

  sprintf(line,"LED Matrix Display - FW %s",Version);

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