[En-Nut-Discussion] VOIP using Ethernut Board

Waschk,Kolja enut at ixo.de
Mon Jun 21 21:45:13 CEST 2004

> I want my ethernut board to send voice data to PC  through network, but i
> don't know if the ethernut board is quick enough to sampling analog voice
> and to send voice data throuh network.
> Is the ethernut board quick enough to do these process?

Regarding network throughput, more than 200 kByte/s can be delivered;
exchanging raw samples at typical voice sampling rates is definitely

It is probably even fast enough to do some simple encoding, e.g. a-law
or adpcm. I wouldn't try to use it for more processing (such as DTMF
tone detection), but even that _could_ be possible to some extent.

Do you want to receive (and eventually decode) data at the same time?

Only if you need to implement a complete "standard" standalone VOIP device,
i.e.  with codecs like GSM and session control ability, that would require
more than just an ATmega128.

And then, the few KByte memory available on the Ethernut are sufficient
to hold just as much data as needed - you don't want to keep more than a
few 10 milliseconds for voice communication. This is probably the most
important thing: try to move data from A/D to network as directly as


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