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Hi Harald,
I prefer to use \r\n as I'm in control of every byte (and know the number of
bytes) but that's just a humble low level embedded programmers point of view
:-). I do appreciate the need to be compatible with main stream programming
and I'm happy to live with whatever is agreed.

Part of my "fear" of cooking comes from once spending days on an issue where
the problem was that puts appends a \n and fputs does not.

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At 11:34 28.05.2004 +0100, you wrote:
>For what its worth I think RAW should be the default. I hate it when \r and
>\n get translated.

Guess you would hate it even more to write

    printf("Hello world\r\n")

instead of

    printf("Hello world\n")

don't you? Please take into account, that
most high level TCP protocols require the
carriage return. Today most servers accept
single linefeeds as delimiters...but the first
rule is:

"Be conservative on output and tolerant on input"


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