[En-Nut-Discussion] Security Framework

amit khandelwal khandelwal.amit at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 16:51:38 CET 2005

    I am able to compile and install nut-os on my ethernut device. I
installed the webserver application on my board and its really cool
and I am excited about it. My setup -

1. Linux Redhat (8.0/9.0)
2. Ethernut 1.3 rev
4. avr-gcc, avr-gdb tools, avr-binutils etc tools
5. I am planning to get the JTAG device too and see how to go about debugging.

Before I talk about my project, please allow me to introduce my self.
I am a graduate student from CS the department of FSU. I am planning
to have a generic security framework for the IP framework for the
embedded device. The target audience is actually the sensor networks
and hence I am looking at uIP and TinyOS. I have been able to get
nut-os running and would like to start getting the feel of the
development environment. If anyone has any suggestions or pointers it
will be great. I shall keep you guys posted about my work on the
ethernut board that I am using for my work. Harald, thanks for the
pointers that you had given to me to get started. I am also looking at
nut-os ip stack too see if my security framework can plugin over here.
I look forward too work with you guys on this one.

Amit Khandelwal

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