[En-Nut-Discussion] Suggestion for C++ initialisation change.

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Mon Feb 28 09:34:39 CET 2005


>Right, /include/cfg/arch/avrpio.h is included in /include/cfg/arch/avr.h
>But if I use the nutconf utility to make a build directory, there is also an
>include directory (/BUILD/include) with a higher precedence during
>compilation. For that reason "#include <cfg/arch/avr.h>" will include the
>file /BUILD/include/cfg/arch/avr.h, an in that file (automatically generated
>by nutconf) is no inclusion for avrpio.h.

There should be no avr.h in the build tree. Please
check the ChangeLog entry 2005-02-02.

>It's sometimes a little bit confusing to have two compiling environments.
>One directly in source directories, and the other using the nutconf util and
>a BUILD directory...

Mixing will always fail. Building in the source tree
is deprecated, but still supported until we'll have
a non-GUI version of the Configurator.


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