[En-Nut-Discussion] NutLoadConfig/NutNetConfig/NutDhcpIfConfig

Bernard Fouché bernard.fouche at kuantic.com
Tue Sep 20 14:48:06 CEST 2005


I'm getting lost between all these functions. Basically I want an 
Ethernut to be setup correctly once with basemon then I want to flash my 
own application (made from httpserv.c) and have it getting back all 
parameters previously set with the 'X' command of basemon. I'm using 


1) I flash my  ethernut with basemon. I use 'X' to set all network 
parameters. It works. (I use ip address)
2) I press the reset button, retype 'X' and see that my previous 
parameters are still there.
3)  I flash httpserv.hex. It calls NutDhcpIfConfig() but starts by using as ip address.

What I want:

- perform step 1 & 2.
- what function my application must call to correctly retreive what was 
set in step one and, if the EEPROM data is bad, then only use dhcp to 
recover an address?

Also some piece on documentation on that topic in the doxygen output 
would be nice!



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