[En-Nut-Discussion] Httpd request timeout problems.

Erik Lindstein erik at ledutveckling.com
Tue Dec 5 13:37:40 CET 2006

I have an application where i have an httpd thread to read and set some settings thru a cgi webpage .
I also have some threads that uses software spi to communicate with external hardware.

>From time to time i get a timeout when trying to request the webpage but if i wait a while and request the page again i get an answer.

To test a bit more i wrote an Windows http client that requests the webpage each 100ms and if i activate the thread that communicates 
with the external hardware i get a request timeout in about 1 of 200 requests. 
The timeout can then accur upp to 8 times in a row before i get any answer from the board ( thats about ~1sec before i get any response )

If i dissable the thread that communicates with external hardware the timeouts accur much less. Say 1 / 5000.
But i still get them from time to time.

Can this be because the RX/TX threads are blocked when i run the other threads, will not the interrupt(5) execute the RX/TX thread even 
if another thread is active and running? or will it wait until the current thread is finished? 
If so then i guess this is the reason for the timeouts. 


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