[En-Nut-Discussion] PPP suggestion and experience

Piergiorgio Menia piergiorgio.menia at elimos.it
Wed Jul 5 19:50:59 CEST 2006

Dear Sirs,
we are quite new in NutOS and AVR programming.
We are developing an application on Ethernut 2.1 using NutOS4.0.2 (we tested
also the new 4.0.3)
Application runs: a polling of several devices over HYPERLINK
"mailto:Serial1 at 9600"Serial1 at 9600 baud, Http server over the Ethernet
TCP/IP over Ethernet is successfully running in Static configuration and
Some little socket communication and mail client are working fine.
User interface over the HTTP is running very well.
Quite impressive for a so little CPU.
All that is running during the developmente stage since three months without
particular problem.
Now, we would like to add a PPP interface (to be used with a V.34 or GPRS
To start we setup a LINUX server to test the PPP interface locally via a
cross cable.
The link startup up and PPP is configuring correctly, so we can access teh
system via the PPP link.
But we are having some problem, so I need feedback about other experiences
and suggestions if possible.
We tested both interfaces running (ethernet and PPP). Reducing to one the
number of HTTP threads they works concurrently. I am able to reach the
Ethernut with both IP addresses.
But the connection over PPP crashes in few minutes.
I found some previous message in this support-board taking about that it is
not supported (both connections)
We disabled the LAN interface, so, now only the PPP connection is running.
I am having the same problem. Basically the PPP link crashes, no data is
travelling over the PPP link.
Sometimes crashes the full system, sometimes the polling over the other
RS-232 is still running.
I can imagine how many different things can be wrong in the system with
pointers and unprotected memory, but we are working on this part since few
weeks and we are not able to proceed.
We tested several stack size, reduced the number of the threads, but nothing
of interesting. PPP continue to crash.
I would like to ask :
1) Is someone ot you using intensively the PPP client without problem? Can
you suggests something?
2) I am able to have the PPP running only using the devhdlc driver. I am not
able to run over the devuart. Can be this a problem?
3) Is there a way to know if the PPP stack crashed, and is it possible to
restart it (if the system is still alive)?
4) We are using a separate thread to initialize the PPP. Is there any
particular requirement about stack to declare in the ThreadCreate to take
care as PPP is started from there?
at end
5) Is it possible to run concurrently the TCP/IP over Ethernet and Serial
via PPP?
Any other suggestions?
Thanks a lot.
Best regards
Piergiorgio Menia
Elimos   srl
via Galvani 5c - 34133 Trieste
Tel.: +39-040-5706111
Fax: +39-040-5706110
Mobile: +39-335-6787041
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