[En-Nut-Discussion] Which MCU recomment for new design ? SAM7X or ?

ivesworking ivesworking at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 13 22:16:23 CEST 2006

My target application is construct a research prototype for optical device 
experiment, will build 20 pcs research board that involve some optical 
peripheral, need some pro to comment, shell we use the latest ethernut 3 as 
our base,
or design our board with the latest sam7x development platform ?
i know this is really depends, but to keep the cost lower which is the best 
i thinking if using sam7x i can keep the component count lower and the board 
size can be smaller
but the software might not as stable as ethernut 3 ?
( i have no idea on new generation hw, since i still using the ethernut 1 
with 3.4 os)
so please give me any expert sugguestion


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