[En-Nut-Discussion] Time sync below mSecond

ivesworking ivesworking at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 16 03:01:22 CEST 2006

i know we can use NutGetMillis to operate the system in milisecond accuracy,
just wonder can we improve this to micro second ? (maybe .1ms if microsecond 
is impossible)

i conduct a new academic research on time sensitive network control 
i studying on the possibility on sync all the network capable mcu on the 
network in a sub milisecond range.
(the network device might have distant upto hundred miles)

the sntp on ethernut i believe in second(not confirm)
according to rfc the best implementation can upto 200ps,
but according to network delay and condition, someone say the best particle 
result is around 10-20ms,
just want to ask, did anyone able to perform time sync on below second 
the RFC also state the time sync also depends on the hardware pll clock.
i not sure how well are ethernut, but before enter implementation stage, 
just want to ask what is the best possible result i can get.


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