[En-Nut-Discussion] building for Mega2561 using GCC

PragmaLab info at pragmalab.nl
Tue Jul 18 22:04:30 CEST 2006

Dear all,

since NutOS seems to be handling the 3 byte program counter (required for
the new Mega256 architecture) quite well now, I'm trying to build our
application with the GCC compiler. WinAVR has no release available yet with
support for the mega2561, but as pointed out in this list a few times
allready, on http://www.atmanecl.com/EnglishSite/indexEnglish.htm# an avrgcc
based package can be found.

With that, our application builds without problems (lots of new warnings,
but no errors), building NutOS however fails:

1) the configurator that comes with 4.1.9 does not allow the combination of
GCC and Mega2561 -> I solved that by modifying the .nut files
2) the -mmcu is not properly specified using the configurator -> I solved
that by modifying the .nut files

Still building NutOS results in errors like "error: 'TXC' undeclared (first
use in this function)". 

Before re-inventing the wheel: did somebody succesfully build 4.1.9 using a
GCC-compiler for the Mega2561?

BTW, re-writing our application to obey the ICC-laws (of const data and
strings-in-ROM, etc) has been tried before, resulting in very unreliable
code. Although the Mega2561 has been succesfully tested with ICC and NutOS
4.1.9, we very much like to stick to the GCC tool (WinAVR if possible)

thanks in advance for your time and answers,

Rob van Lieshout

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