[En-Nut-Discussion] RE: En-Nut-Discussion Digest, Vol 33, Issue 29

PragmaLab info at pragmalab.nl
Wed Jul 26 11:34:18 CEST 2006

Hello Ronald,

>cc1: warnings being treated as errors

remove the '-Werror' from your 'makedefs.arm-gcc' in the nut-directory. The
build then will no longer stop in case a warning was encounterd.

>c:/ethernut-4.0.3/nut/arch/arm/dev/ax88796.c:951: warning: pointer targets
in passing argument 1 of 'strcpy' differ in signedness

add '-Wno-pointer-sign' to the same line

Like ernst replied, the 4.1.1 compiler treats compiler arguments a bit
different and typechecking is done in a different manner. But don't fall
back on a previous release but try to read the manual that comes with each
new release to figure out what is causing the trouble. 


Rob van Lieshout

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