[En-Nut-Discussion] Amigas & other off topic war stories

Don Ingram don at led.com.au
Fri Jul 28 00:52:08 CEST 2006

Harald Kipp wrote:
> Don,
> I never denied, that nostalgia had been one of the driving forces
> behind Nut/OS. :-) My first real computer was even older than the
> Amiga:
> http://oldcomputers.net/pet2001.html
> At 09:41 27.07.2006 +1000, you wrote:
> Haven't had this much fun since the old mid 80'S days of AmigaDOS ( now 
> there was a sweet little system )...

1974 First HP ( of many ;-) in my stable - HP45
1975 Punchcards which were mailed away to the local Main Roads
      authority ( usually returning as a failed run ;-)

1977 Signetics 2650 with toggle switches as the IP & LED's as the O/P

~1980 TRS-80
~1981 Hand built 6800 system wirewrapped
~1982 Rockwell FORTH on a 6502 via serial terminal
~1982 Pennywise Peripherals 6809 OS9 based multiuser system
~1983 Tandy 6809 based colour computer
~1984 Ran a Commodore PET as an inventory management system for the workshop
~1984/5 Amiga - first one that was actually pleasant enough to be of use. As a 
sign of things to come one of the most bug ridden flops  on the Amiga was 
Microsoft Basic

1987 Clone PC - what a bloody let-down
early 90's - MS attempts graphical environment, what a shambles
The Santa Cruz Operation was a respected name

90's maintained a flock of Mac's of various shapes & sizes ho-hum...

Started using Chuck Duff's "Actor", a sweet & very pure OOP's language. Went 
well until VB arrived, as usual another promising product buried by MS rubbish 
with a big advertising budget

1995 Win95 First time that the PC came remotely close to the Amiga in usability, 
that's 10 years later folks!

asm & FORTH for the first 20 years with divergences into Actor & modula2. C or 
VB for the rest, in retrospect I can't say that that was a move forward either. 
Started messing with Python of late but in reality these days I would rather 
just go spend time with the kids instead.

Time to go find my zimmer frame if I could remember where I put it. Either too 
much red, too much time stuck in a vegative state waiting for Windows to re/boot 
or just early onset of alzheimer's ;-)



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