[En-Nut-Discussion] Amigas & other off topic war stories

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Why! That is exactly what I studied as a 2 year student in 1974!  Our 
computer was programmed with the help of jumpers.
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> Don,
> At 08:52 28.07.2006 +1000, you wrote:
>>1974 First HP ( of many ;-) in my stable - HP45
> OK, as a poor student and far away from Silicon Valley, it
> took some time after I could afford a calculator. Anyway,
> I can beat it:
> http://www.logikus.info/
> I think I got it in 1968. Now everybody here knows how
> rotten old I am. :-)
>>~1980 TRS-80
> After spending hours waiting for responses of those ancient
> monsters called time scheduling mainframes, an old school
> friend brought a TRS-80 from the US. I keyed in a simple print
> loop and nearly fell off my chair when seeing this exceptional
> output speed. A crucial experience.
> Today's desktops have blindingly fast hardware. But like in the
> old days, the power is shared. Not among timesharing users any
> longer. Today you share with all those background processes.
> When Dave Hudson started his
> http://liquorice.sourceforge.net/
> I had been most sceptic about TCP with 8-bit CPUs. Today
> the ATmega128 easily transfers 250 kBytes/s, while the TCP
> state machine is still far from highly optimized code.
> Later I came in contact with Adam Dunkels (lwIP, uIP). Some
> months ago I asked him, wether he would be interested in an
> ARM based Ethernut. He replied something like: "Everything with
> more than 16 address bits isn't really worth to look at." :-)
> Harald
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