[En-Nut-Discussion] Device driver for graphic display

Matthias Wilde ethernut at stockelache.de
Sun Jul 30 17:45:42 CEST 2006

Hi Per,
I am not sure if the following links provide a library for exact your controller, however the libraries are helpfull and there is the german website which might be also helpfull - anyway with google I found nearly for every controller I was searchin gfor some sample codes.
Best regards
Am 26.07.2006, 00:01 Uhr, schrieb Per Eklund <70eklund at telia.com>:
I have looked around a bit for the open-source lib but I didn't find it.
I found som other stuff thou, so I think I have enought to start with.
I have the display working now, driving it with "normal" ports, but it doesnt work with the SPI interface yet.
Anyway, it feels like a good startingpoint to play around with, to get used to this new environment.
Thanks for the welcom Curtis.
I can already feel this rollarcoster comming :-)))
When I'm up and running with this new platform I hope I can contribute to the development in the future.
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