[En-Nut-Discussion] How to measure CPU consumption of Threads

Matthias Ringwald mringwal at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Nov 3 12:02:05 CET 2006

Hi Ernst

I have no idea on your actual results but I would like to recommend  
to you
the use of the NutTracer which allows for microsecond timestamping and
easy processing of the log data using matlab.

check out the documentation in the BTnut Tutorial on our site:  

the tracer might help you.. :)


On 01.11.2006, at 23:57, Ernst Stippl wrote:

> Hi All!
> Sorry for the long message, but it is an interesting (and, just for  
> now)
> strange phenomenom:
> I tried to find out how much "cpu load" a certain application was  
> generating
> for an Ethernut3
> under 4.2.1, so I added a (so I thought) simple busy-time measurement
> interface
> to the idle-thread in nutinit.c

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