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Zhao Liu zhliu at iinet.net.au
Thu Jan 4 14:05:40 CET 2007

Hi Harald,
Thanks for the help. I have managed compile my version of NutOs for
Atmega1280 using the latest GCC. I'm now having trouble starting the Idle
thread. I have tried using internal and external memory to start this
thread, but neither worked. It seems to me that I get stack in:-

    if (runningThread == 0)
        asm("rjmp thread_start");

Am I missing some settings in the NUTTHREADINFO?

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thanks again.


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I do not know much about the Atman compiler, but your
problem appears because of wrong linker options. At least


is missing.

With Nut/OS, main() is a thread, started by the idle thread.
The stack of the main() thread is set in NutThreadCreate().

Nut/OS redefines main() as NutAppMain() to avoid GCC's attempt
to re-initialize the stack on main() entry.


At 01:00 08.12.2006 +1100, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I have played around with the NutOs so that it can be compiled using Atman
>compiler. However, when I try to compile my application code, I get a
>linking error saying C:\Program
>1280.o:(.init9+0x0): error: undefined reference to 'main'
>I have no idea what that means or how to fix it. Can anyone help? I'm new
>this field, so any suggestion will be much appreciated.


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