[En-Nut-Discussion] 940kBaud instead of 1MBaud by Nut OS 4.2.1

martin.anrig at ch.trumpf.com martin.anrig at ch.trumpf.com
Wed Jan 10 08:39:27 CET 2007

Dear Nut OS friends,

Based on the RS232d Sample on the AT91SAM7X-EK Hardware I build an Ethernet to Serial Gateway. For the first release I used Nut-OS and the baud rate of the serial interface was more or less exactly 1Mbaud.
Now I switched to the final release 4.2.1 and the baud rate is now 941kBaud instead of 1MBaud. I have measured the baud rate with the oscilloscope.

u_long baud1 = 1000000;
NutRegisterDevice(&DEV_UART1, 0, 0);
cd.cd_rs232 = fopen(DEV_UART1_NAME, "r+b");
_ioctl(_fileno(cd.cd_rs232), UART_SETSPEED, &baud1);

I searched in the source of the Nut-OS, but I can't find the relevant change.
Can anybody give me an advise, where I can find the difference of this two versions.

Best regards

Martin Anrig

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