[En-Nut-Discussion] RTL8201BL

Anpilogov Andrey def at fea.kiev.ua
Fri Jan 19 11:52:37 CET 2007

Hi All!

I try to use RTL8201BL as PHY for ethernet.
For now I have work FreeRTOS (uIP_Demo_IAR_ARM7) on my hardware.
Ethernut 4.2.1 work fine - UART, PIO...
But EMAC...
In at91_emac.c:

    /* For some unknown reason it seems to be required to read the ID
registers first. */
    if (phy_inw(NIC_PHY_ID1) != 0x0181 || (phy_inw(NIC_PHY_ID2) & 0xFFF0)
!= 0xB8A0) {
        outr(EMAC_NCR, inr(EMAC_NCR) & ~EMAC_MPE);
        printf("ID on (%d): %d %d|\n", NIC_PHY_ADDR, id1, id2);
        return -1;

I get:
ID on (1): 65535 65535|

is there people who have work AT91SAM7X256+RTL8201BL+ethernut ?


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