[En-Nut-Discussion] Address Bus

John Day johnday at wordsnimages.com
Fri Jan 26 20:38:44 CET 2007

At 02:22 PM 1/26/2007, Rodrigue wrote:
>The 16 address bits are formed by the 8 bits of the data bus (memorized by
>the 74HC573D) and by the 8 bits of the adress bus. Why did you use this
>We could have sent the first 8 bits via the adress bus, then memorize them
>via the 74HC573D, and to still return the 8 following bits via the adress

It's simple, see the ATmega128 data sheet "External Memory Interface" 
and "Using the External Memory Interface". The board designers have 
provided the memory interface exactly as is required for the 
ATmega128's XMEM interface to function as documented.


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