[En-Nut-Discussion] Problem with JTAG programmer

Matthias Wilde ethernut at stockelache.de
Mon Jan 29 22:53:39 CET 2007

Hello Jose,

I had also some problems flashing the Ethernut 3. However, I added some
more WAIT commands around HALT and RESET statements in the jom files and
after that I did not need so much tries to flash and was allways

Hope this helps.

Best regards


> Hello all:
> I have tried to program an Ethernut 3.0 board by using JTAG-O-MAT. After a
> lot of tries (JTAG-O-MAT fails a lot identifying the DEVICE), the process
> finished OK. After booting, something went wrong and the program didn't
> run
> OK. In order to undo this problem, I have tried to upload BootMon but,
> after
> doing it, the Ethernut seems to be dead.
> At this moment, I'm unable to upload BootMon. What can I do????
> Thanks a lot!
> Jose Vicente.
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