[En-Nut-Discussion] SD/MMC for Sam7x

Tim DeBaillie debaillie at ciholas.com
Fri Mar 9 19:29:22 CET 2007


Zach helped me resolve this issue.  Basically here is what we did to fix 

1) I was using MMCO (oh, not zero) for my BLKDEV_NAME, so that was a 

2) The WINARM compiler was not properly handling the block reads from the 
SD card.  So this is why, when I wrote out the code and overrode the 
partition number (fixing problem number 1), I was able to write but not 
read.  I installed the latest version of GNUARM and this problem was 

Thanks to those out there for their help.  The answer is: use GNUARM not 
WINARM. (And don't have a typo)


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