[En-Nut-Discussion] Eternut configuration

Sarunas Kebeikis info at darmena.lt
Thu Nov 1 12:41:09 CET 2007


I would like to ask for some help to configure hardware with Eternut-4.4.0
and to compile my first application from samples directory. I just started
to learn and some questions may be asked in not very smart way. Sorry, for

 I am using MMnet104 minimodule from Propox
(http://www.propox.com/download/docs/MMnet104_en.pdf). It is very similar to
Ethernut2 board just with less RAM (6 banks instead of 30) with the same LAN
controller LAN91C111 and some additional devices. First of all I rewrite
ethernut20a.conf file and renamed it to MMnet104.conf. The contents of this
file now are as follows:


AVR_GCC = ""

MCU_ATMEGA128 = ""

LANC111_BASE_ADDR = "0xC000"

LCD_4x20 = ""

NUTMEM_START = "0x100"


NUTXMEM_SIZE = "28416"

NUTXMEM_START = "0x1100"


NUTBANK_START = "0x8000"

NUTBANK_SIZE = "0x4000"


NUT_CPU_FREQ = "16000000"


For sure, I made some mistakes, it is why I asking for help J. So, I loaded
this file with Nut/OS Configurator and build Nut/OS for my hardware also I
build sample directory. In the samples, received from Propox I found
"Makedefs" file with following line about hardware configuration:



In original Makedefs.avr-gcc (I am using WinAVR compiler) I found the
following (sorry, for space saving I skipped Copyright text):




INCDIR = $(top_srcdir)/include


ARCH   = avr

TRGT   = avr-

CC     = $(TRGT)gcc

CXX    = $(TRGT)g++

AR     = $(TRGT)ar

CP     = cp

AS     = $(TRGT)gcc -x assembler-with-cpp

RANLIB = $(TRGT)ranlib


MCFLAGS  = -mmcu=$(MCU)

CPFLAGS  = $(MCFLAGS) -Os -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks -Wall -Werror
-Wstrict-prototypes -Wa,-ahlms=$(<F:.c=.lst) $(DEFS)

CXXFLAGS = $(MCFLAGS) -Os -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks -Wall -Werror
-Wa,-ahlms=$(<F:.cc=.lst) $(DEFS)

LDFLAGS  = $(MCFLAGS) -Wl,-Map=$(PROJ).map,--cref

ARFLAGS  = rsv

ASFLAGS  = $(MCFLAGS) -Wa,-amhls=$(<:.S=.lst) $(DEFS)


I was advised to change first line DEFS  = $(HWDEF) with that long one but I
was not able to understand where to find deffinition of all these varrables.
Also I notice a difference in LAN_ADDRESS=0xff80 and
LANC111_BASE_ADDR="0xC000". I understand that it is very basics but without
it I will fail in future studies. Thank you in advance for any input.




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