[En-Nut-Discussion] NutOS Upgrade, was: NutGetMillis in Uart ISR

Dusan Ferbas dferbas at etech.cz
Sat Nov 10 23:11:34 CET 2007

Hi Hugo Simon,

you brought large network problem 2 years ago. We discussed, if it is 
not an ARP problem. You stated, you will try my enhancement. All 
Poseidon and Damocles products are running with my modification all 
over the world.


At 10:23 9.11.2007, Harald Kipp wrote:
>..., that his system failed in large networks. They also modified 
>parts of the IP handling and are using Ethernut 3. But there is a 
>chance of an undetected bug.
>>I had to buy a commercial web thermometer because these problems and my much
>>nicer Ethernut based web thermometer lays around now. :-(
>We have two options. Either you wait until our company is the same 
>size with a similar large network, or we'll try to set up a test in 
>your network. What do you think?

Dusan Ferbas

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