[En-Nut-Discussion] Finally change ...emergency system

huys cobb huys_cobbs at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 27 08:57:03 CEST 2008

Thiago A. Correa wrote:
>Wouldn't this require NAT? I don't think Ethernut has any routing mechanisms
>inplace, in order to transfer packets from one IP based interface to
Nowadays the GSM modules had PPP TCP/IP stack..and had capability became server side...I'm using SIM300 and ethernut v1.3g
There was discussion about that at:
So..I think that the ethernut can ber used as GPRS/PPPd GSM network gateway to ethernet.
Vesa J wrote:
>> The GSM module had PPP stack...
> >And the ethernut as gateway from GSM network to Ethernet side...
> >Someone here had info about how to made pppd from GSM network >to ethernet via >>ethernut.
>Buy a 3G/GPRS router... it has everything you need. And in the end costs 
>At least Linksys and D-link has one of those...
Yes,there was but have two reasons:
1.I had hardwares already and didn't had moneys to purchase
2.The gadget from Linksys and D-link can only work for US operators.(When I saw the brochure).
Did someone had done that..?or similiar projects for study...
Thank you very mych
Huys Cobb


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