[En-Nut-Discussion] Misterious Buffer init

Wiegelmann, Jörg Joerg.Wiegelmann at ces-tronics.de
Fri Nov 14 15:11:44 CET 2008

Hello folks,

I have a strange problem. 

With the new ethernut beta on eir the spi flash doesn't work anymore. 

With the eclipse Debugger I see the following behaviour in the OS-function At45dbGetStatus.


uint8_t At45dbGetStatus(int dd)


    uint8_t buf[2] = { DFCMD_READ_STATUS, 0xFF }; 


    if (At91SpiTransfer2(dcbtab[dd].dcb_spibas, dcbtab[dd].dcb_spipcs, buf, buf, 2, NULL, NULL, 0)) {

        return (uint8_t) - 1;


    return buf[1];



At the breakpoint in the debugger the buf array has the value 

buf[0]      0     

buf[1]      0xff 


But the define DFCMD_READ_STATUS has the value 0xD7


I increased the size of the main stack to 1512 Byte without success. 

I'm really confused about this.

Any idea? 


Thank you and best regards 





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