[En-Nut-Discussion] Problem with NutDhcpIfConfig()

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Looking into NutDhcpIfConfig, you have 4  possibility as described below:

1 - If you have configuration into eeprom, it is used and your code goes 
to B.
2 - If dhcp has did his job.(this is not the case because you take off 
the cable).
3 - If interface was configured by arp.(your code goes to B).
4 - If dhcp failed but system has remenbered last configuration.(your 
code goes to B).

So you should verify what this situations are happening.



Benoit Smeysters escreveu:
> Hi everybody,
> I have a probleme with example tcps.c.
> When I test the program with my ethernut board and the cable Ethernet is connected, every is OK.
> printf("Configure eth0...");
>     if (NutDhcpIfConfig("eth0", 0, 60000)) {                         A)
>         printf("initial boot...");                                             C)
>         if (NutDhcpIfConfig("eth0", mac, 60000)) {
>             u_long ip_addr = inet_addr("");
>             u_long ip_mask = inet_addr("");
>             printf("no DHCP...");
>             NutNetIfConfig("eth0", mac, ip_addr, ip_mask);
>             /* If not in a local network, we must also call 
>                NutIpRouteAdd() to configure the routing. */
>         }
>     }
>     puts("OK");                                                               B)
> But when I disconnect the cable, program execution stop 60 secondes in A) and then go to B.
> I have the same output on the UART wiht and wihtout cable. Like if my ethernut board think it is still connected to the switch.
> When cable is disconnected, program execution must go to C) ?
> If there is no cable connected to the board (thus no DHCP server), NutDhcpIfConfig() must not return 0 and then program execution go to C) ?
> Where is the probleme ?
> Thank
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