[En-Nut-Discussion] Applet Java

Adam Dybkowski adybkows at wp.pl
Fri Apr 24 22:43:19 CEST 2009

Michael Fischer wrote:

> Hello Dusan,
> your applet here: http://poseidon.etech.cz/graph_d.htm
> looks very nice. It seems that you are using a "Open Flash Chart".
> Do you have some more information how to added the functionality
> how to disable/enable the lines like "Termostat", "Outdoor 1" and
> so on?

You can find configuration data for the chart in the file:
and labels and values are in the file:

It's easy to copy these files together with graph.swf and graph_d.htm to
your own website and modify chart configuration as you like. And, it's
no Java applet there, only plain Acrobat Flash.

Adam Dybkowski
		adybkows at wp.pl

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