[En-Nut-Discussion] Ethernut port for AVR32

D T drt80_forum at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 21 18:34:41 CEST 2009

Hi Thiago,

Thank you very much for your generous reply. I have comments embedded below.

> >
> > I have read your posts on avrfreaks and saw your port
> on code.google.
> > I am planning to use the Ethernut port on AVR32 for
> the UC3A0512 devices.
> Cool :)
> > I have downloaded the main line code for Ethernut, but
> I do not see the AVR32 stuff in there.
> Since the AVR32 port was added that have not been a full
> release.
> Therefore, you can only find it on the SVN right now. I
> guess maybe in
> one beta if one is out, I haven't checked.
> > Now, here are a few Qs:
> > 1. Is the AVR32 (UC3A) port stable?
> As far as I tested with the examples, it was working pretty
> good. I
> think the serial port driver could use more testing, and
> there are a
> few drivers missing. Also the SPI driver still needs
> testing as well.
I am concerned about the core functionality of the port. The context switch, memory management and anything else that comes to mind. More specific to the OS itself. If thats good, then there should be no problems.

I am not much concerned about the drivers though (at least, if I want to use it). I have a bunch of drivers written for the platform. I have been working on these devices for quite some time now. Let me see, if I can so something about writing drivers for the port itself.

> > 2. When do we expect the port be available in the main
> line code?
> Probably it will be in the next release, but you could try
> it out
> using the SVN code before that. Actually the more help
> testing the
> better *smile*.

Any idea, when would be that?

> > I have a custom hardware based on the UC3A with
> ethernet on board, and have plans to design a new hardware
> which will have ethernet, SDRAM, and bunch of other stuff. I
> plan to try out the port on the existing hardware and then
> port it to the new custom hardware.
> > The main motivation to use Ethernut is the strong
> TCP/IP stack.
> I still don't have my custom hardware, but I received
> recently the
> EVK1105 and an AVRONE to continue my work on the port. Up
> until now I
> have only tested with the ES version, but I did try to keep
> up with
> the differencese, so that the code works with both ES and
> non-ES. The
> new kit will be the first test with non-ES version AFAIK.

Let me see, if I can get the code working on my custom hardware. That ways we would have tested it on the non-ES versions.

> I've been a
> bit busy with an AP7000 project, but will get back to the
> UC3 port as
> soon as possible.

I have worked on AP7000 standalone project and have a few NGW100 boards lying around. Please do let me know, if you plan to have a port for these devices. I will be more than happy to help and share my experiences. I have not worked on NUT/OS before, so not very familiar with it. But, that should be ok.




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