[En-Nut-Discussion] ARM in Thumb mode

Paulo Silva(OpenSoftware) psilva at opensoftware-br.com
Sat Jan 10 13:04:25 CET 2009

Adam Dybkowski escreveu:
> Hi.
> How can I compile and run Nut/OS in Thumb mode on AT91SAM7S256?
> I didn't find the answer in the En-Nut-Discussion Archives.
> The source code tells Thumb mode is not supported 
> (nut/arch/arm/os/context.c) but on this microcontroller the 
> Thumb-compiled code runs faster than in ARM mode, and the code size is 
> also important for me.
> If this is not possible in current Nut/OS (cvs) version, I'd like to add 
> Thumb support to Nut/OS. Where should I start the development? I have a 
> board based on AT91SAM7S256 and JTAG cable.
Maybe the option */interwork/*  is missing, give it to compiler if so, 
to compile using thumb mode.



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