[En-Nut-Discussion] Optimizing nutconf

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Wed Jan 14 14:46:04 CET 2009

Jörg Hermann wrote:
> I still have some
> strange behavior in the left pane showing the feature tree:
> - first I got two scroll bars (one additional at the border line
>   between the two columns). I could remove this also by a 
>   small fix (I can post the patch)

This appeared after wxWidgets introduced a ScrollHelper Class. See the
ChangeLog entry 2008-07-24

"The component tree stopped working on Linux and OS X after wxWidgets
implemented the wxScrollHelper. Although not fully fixed, it works
acceptable again. The main problem is, that it seems to be impossible to
have a scrolled window without vertical scrollbar. For now ignore the
bar in the middle of the component tree."

I tried to fix this, but my knowledge about GTK was too limited.

> - still unresolved: scrolling does not work properly:
>   The gridlines seem to be stucked at their position, i.e.
>    they don't move with the the tree entries.

Works fine here, using an unusual environment (andLinux).

> - The tree scrolls as expected, but when clicking in an entry,
>    most of the area is greyed out and the selected item does
>    not match the previously visible item.
>    This state can only be left by completely collapsing the tree.

Sounds like a previous bug to me, which should have been fixed. I'm
currently running 2.0.7, linked to wxWidgets 2.8.4. May be I should
update my wxWidgets on the andLinux machine...

Sure, you are using the code from Ethernut's CVS HEAD? I can also
provide a source package, it that is more convenient for you.


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