[En-Nut-Discussion] _fdopen failed to create the stream on the socket

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Thu Nov 12 09:17:32 CET 2009

Ma-Prokop, Yuhong wrote:

> But fclose function was called everytime after the successful _fdopen.
> Then i found out that the fclose (as following) returns sometimes "255"
> instead of "0" as it should be, so the existing stream cannot be closed,
> then until the maximal streams are opened, no further clients-request
> shall be processed!


can you please provide some more information.

1. Nut/OS version
2. Target CPU
3. File system

> Does somebody have the same problem with nut/os webserver?

Our online reference demo at


currently has an uptime of > 1 month. It needs to be restarted only to
clear the spam from the guest book. In general it looks quite reliable.


PS: I recently discovered 2 serious bugs in Nut/OS for 32-bit CPUs. But
the problems are different. More on this later.

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