[En-Nut-Discussion] driver for RX8564LC RTC

Dominik Schröder dominik.schroeder at bh-informativ.de
Tue Aug 31 13:41:38 CEST 2010



I try to implement a driver for the RX8564LC RTC chip. The hole
functionality seems to be the same as the RTC chip pcf8563. Here are the
steps I have done until now:

1.       I copied the pcf8563.c/.h files and renamed them.

2.       Then I changed the registers according to the RX8564LC chip.

3.       I added my RC8564.c file in the makefile under

4.       I have successfully recompiled the complete system.


Now I tried to register the RTC device in my application like this:





#define RTC_CHIP rtcRX8564LC




/* Register and query hardware RTC, if available. */

    printf("Registering RTC hardware...");

    if (NutRegisterRtc(&RTC_CHIP)) {


    } else {

        u_long rtc_stat;



        if (rtc_stat & RTC_STATUS_PF) {

            puts("power failure");


        else {




(This is from the NUT example caltime)






But I can`t compile my application. I get the following error:
main.c:(.text+0x680): undefined reference to `rtcRX8564LC'.

I think there is one step missing to “connect” the new RTC driver to NUT/OS.


Thanks for every help!


Best regards


Dominik Schröder


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