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Mon Dec 27 10:48:55 CET 2010

Care must be taken if you write data to the flash - I'm not sure if the
ethernut flashing routine supports multiple banks.
If you don't use this feature there is no problem.

> It is possible to force some functions (module) into thump mode to save 
> space? I have seen thump-interwork is enabled in NutOS. Is there 
> something like __attribute__((thump)) for functions?

Not that I know.
I've declared many Makefiles for thumb in my own environment, which is
based on 4.9.8.
First I'd started with my application code and than with all possible
Ethernut sourcefiles.
Generally speaking it is mostly the interrupt routines left and the
size difference was rather hughe.
I'm able to run Nut/OS on SAM7S32 and SAM7S321 with this - although
without IP on those.
Speedwise it is also a win with SAM7S/X since the flash controller has
waitstate-free prefetching for 16bit instructions only.

B.Walter <bernd at>
Modbus/TCP Ethernet I/O Baugruppen, ARM basierte FreeBSD Rechner uvm.

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