[En-Nut-Discussion] TFTP Multiple requests

Stefan Profanter stefan at profanter.me
Tue Dec 21 18:38:47 CET 2010

I've the Ethernut 3.1 with NutOS 4.8.8 and BootMon 1.1.0 (Windows 7 x64).

I'm using Tftpd32 3.50 to upload my .bin file to the Ethernut.
Sometimes it works, but sometimes, after a reset the Ethernut requests every second to transmit the bin file without accepting it.
So Tftpd32 opens a lot of ProgressBar-Windows and tries to send the bin to the Ethernut. The progress remains at 0%. The only solution is then to switch off the power of the Ethernut and Restarting Tftpd32.

What can I do to avoid this?


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